Media Reviews

“The musical equivalent of splitting the atom” The Guardian

“ The Hammered Dulcimer has been waiting for someone like Geoff Smith to come along” Fiona Talkington, BBC Radio 3

“Smith is a virtuoso percussionist who has revolutionized the Dulcimer” The Sunday Times

“It’s a tribute to Smith that his music was able to bring this wonderful movie to life” The Financial Times

“This isn’t just an innovative soundtrack, as its echoes positively enhance the melancholic and menacing moods of this intense psychological masterpiece” BBC Radio Times

“When Murnau released his version of Goethe’s ‘Faust’ he probably couldn’t have imagined such a widely atmospheric soundtrack as that which composer and performer Geoff Smith has created. Murnau would undoubtedly however, have been very pleased” The Scotsman *****

“A fascinating combination of disturbing images and otherworldly sounds which yanks the tradition of silent movie accompaniment spectacularly back to the future” The Sunday Times

“Caligari’s protagonists convey a barely suppressed horror, which Smith’s eerie and exotic score perfectly complements” The Wire

“Like the famous Roy Budd theme for ‘Get Carter’, or the zither music from ‘The Third Man’ but stripped down and fed through a haunted house, the music draws peculiar textures and angularities of the story with real precision” The Big Issue