Attacco Decente recordings - The Baby Within Marches On (CD)


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Smith was the founder member of the band ‘Attacco Decente’ with whom he released numerous albums and mini-albums and toured the U.K. and Europe extensively between 1986-1996. During this period Smith originated and developed his unique approach to the hammered dulcimer. Two full CD albums are available to buy online: ‘Crystal Night’ and ‘The Baby Within Us Marches On’. Two CD mini-albums (‘I Don’t Care How Long It Takes’ & ‘The Will of One’) are included free with ‘The Baby Within Us Marches On’ full album as a special package.

The Baby Within Marches On album comprises 10 songs.
  1. The Will Of One
  2. Fear Of Freedom
  3. Don’t Join Their Army
  4. The Bully
  5. Natural Anger
  6. Dad Was God
  7. There Comes A Time
  8. The Middle Ages
  9. The Rose Grower
  10. The Baby Within Us Marches On

“Turbo-charged and disturbingly good” The Independent